EAF Refractories
DEC offers Demagcarbon series magnesia-carbon bricks for sidewalls. Demagcarbon is made from 100% electrically fused magnesite, high purity graphite and metal antioxidants as needed. Demagchrome magnesia-chrome brick in direct-bonded, semi-rebonded or fully-rebonded for the specialty steel makers. DEC suggests to use Wihearth 68 or Wihearth 85D masses for the bottom. For sub-hearths and stadiums we recommend Demag series burned magnesite brick. Taphole sleeves, blocks, precast deltas, runner shapes, and roof bricks are also available.



Induction Furnace Ramming Mass
DEC has rich experience and technology on the basic and neutral ramming mass for the coreless ramming mass.



Induction Furnace Refracotries Brochure Download