Metal Flex Hose

Metal flex hoses are widely used metallurgical industry, petrochemical industry and electric && heating powder industry. DEC’s Flex Hoses are available in numerous sizes and type of end connections to transport water, oxygen, natural gas, steam and materials such as coal powder etc. DEC can also design or fabricate as per customer’s requirements on different standards, treads, fitting types, armored and fireproof sleeve.



Typical Applications:
(for Iron & Steel Industry)

  • Cooling system for furnaces, continuous casting machine and rolling machine
  • Oxygen lance hose for BOF and other furnaces
  • Water lance hose for BOF and other furnaces
  • Typical Application for Petrochemical Industry
  • Drainage metal hose for floating oil tank
  • Inlet and outlet hose for oil tank for absorbing the movement by earthquake
  • Oil transportation flex hose at oil terminal



(Typical Application for Petrochemical Industry)