Calcium Silicate Series

DEC’s microporous calcium silicate board has the properties of light weight, high strength, low thermal conductivity, low temperature resistance, easy-cut etc, and it is widely used in industrial equipment pipelines system and wall insulation in power, metallurgical, petrochemical and construction industries.
Our DECSB M30, M40 and H90FP are also the ideal material to the passive fireproofing solutions.
DEC calcium silicate series products including:
  • High density industrial insulation board  – DECSB H90
  • Light weight industrial insulation board – DECSB L23&L27 (1000 Celsius) and DECSB L23H&L27H (1100 Celsius)
  • Calcium silicate based insulation mortar – DECSM 1000
  • Medium density fireproof board – DECSB-M30 & M40
  • High density industrial insulation board – DECSB H90FP



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